Get into Auction Action for Pointeshoes- fundraising. An e-business is in your closet and you probably don't even know about it.

Now what does auction and fundraising have anything to do with Pointeshoes-fundraising? Your local dance school may need some cash for their dance event. Like, recital time or raising funds for scholarships. Even money for pointe shoes.

All performing arts oragizations are in need of funds, even your local dance school, to help them open the curtain in the theatre for you. YOU can help through auctions and Pointeshoes-fundraising. Some students, beleive it or not, take ballet classes but can't afford pointe shoes!

To do Pointeshoes-fundraising, or for anything you would like to raise funds, you have to have the drive and fun doing it. Consider this...

*No start-up costs *No financial risks *No special technical skills required, just the drive to do it.

Any business requires a level of dedication and stick-to-it-ness. I am sure you have what it takes. Pointeshoes-fundraising can be found here.

As they say, Knowledge is Power. Once you have it, no matter in which field, you can do just about anything.

The Master Course gives you everything you need to know to succeed in doing an Auction and using it to raise funds for your ballet school, public school, charity. The course is FREE!

Since its free, pass it on to your friends, relatives and everyone you know who may be interested in knowing about this course.

How many people do you know who have done or are doing auctions over the weekends? Are they successful? If they are, tell them about the Master Course. Perhaps there will be information they can use.

pointe shoe

This will help your fundraising experience!

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